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Tips to keep warm & still perform when temps drop!

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img_4306Coach Em huddled by the space heater at 6am


The Holidays are in full swing and temperatures are finally dropping here in warm, sunny SoCal. The colder climate can have a big impact on your performance and your workout in general, especially if you’re a native and not acclimated to colder temps. Here are a few ways to keep you comfortable and performing at your best during Winter workouts…

First and foremost, layer up! Especially for those who workout early in the morning… layers are your best friends. You can always take layers off, but you can’t add them once you’ve left the house so be prepared with as many layers as it takes to keep you warm and cozy.

First and foremost… warm up! Be sure that your pre-workout warm is sufficient enough to get your blood flowing and your joints and extremities moving. Beyond that, consider some of the following accessories to help keep you moving during your workouts…



GLOVES: The gloves pictured are designed specifically for CrossFit by Reebok for about $30, but you can also find similar styles at Sporting Goods stores,
look in the Baseball or Golf sections. If you have smaller hands, don’t hesitate to buy kid’s gloves! Make sure they fit snug but allow full mobility.

sunday_dressOUTERWEAR: Items such as an activewear headband or ear muffs to cover your ears (yes, I know… ear muffs in California?) and/or a knit cap or scarf to cover your head can help to regulate your core body temperature.

You can also invest in a light coverup or vest such as those shown at right. If it’s light enough, you can keep it on during the entire workout or something like a vest can be easily taken on or off when you have to go outside and run (yes, you will have to go outside and run… even if it’s cold!)ls1618571-0001-1_130x195lw4ichs_0002_1

Lastly, a few other quick and easy tips to ease the chill… instead of bringing cold water, consider hot tea or even just warm water. If you experience pain or burning in your chest and lungs from breathing in the cold air, consider a light scarf or bandana over your mouth and nose while outside or just focus on breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth to help regulate the air temperature.

This may seem a bit of a silly subject since there are people in other areas of the Country that have it MUCH worse than we do… but it’s all relative. Temps of 40 or below for those of us used to 90+ can greatly impact how your body and even your brain functions. So even though you might feel a little silly with those ear muffs, do whatever you need to do to stay warm, perform at your best and keep getting yourself working out year round!