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Top 8 reasons to work out over the Holidays

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Number 8
Working out relieves stress… and we ALL know how stressfulHolidays can be

Number 7
No need to sweat that extra piece of pie if you worked out hard all week

Number 6
2 weeks… that’s about how long it takes for you to lose your “gains” (or current fitness level)

Number 5
Gotta look hot in that sexy Santa or Mrs Claus outfit

Number 4 
204 Burpees… the number needed to burn off just one beer. You do the math on a Holiday meal!

Number 3
Working out consistently tends to lessen over-indulging. You won’t want to “blow it” after all that hard work

Number 2
Better sleep… especially at a time of increased stress, holiday parties, late nights and travel

Number 1
New Year’s Resolutions – you can scratch losing weight/getting fit off that list!

It’s easy to make excuses and get out of your normal routine once the Holidays arrive. Keep yourself on track, get to the gym as often as possible and help stave off the extra stress and weight that’s so common around this time of year!